10 Responses to “Profiles”

  1. weerin Says:

    you lovely very much and you are excellen

  2. ay Says:


    You yoo bin.

    I am a fan of Thai you.

    But I am not a big fan group หรอก.

    I just be alone.

    I may be 1 in 100 of the fan if you have a chance.

    I would like to meet you and you want to talk to the laundry.

    I really love you more.

    And you are very lovely.

  3. pakou00 Says:

    I love KIM YOOBIN

  4. Bell Says:


    I’m Bell.I’m Thai fan

    I like your style. Rapper!!

    I konw you from my friend. She’s Korean.

  5. ommi Says:

    (^_^)…… You So Awesome… Yes!!! You are…..

    Love Love Kim Yoo Bin

  6. nok Says:

    우리는 새들의 이름. 비행기에서 까마귀처럼 그 때 태국으로 되돌아 올 것입니다
    전자 – 메일 —- 남겨주세요.

  7. nok Says:

    만약 우리가 정말 감사하고 웹 사이트를 만들 수있습니다.

  8. nok Says:

    Hello again, you are a fan of flying I am just 1 person you actually want because no group will discuss a very personal, but you work pother. It has several things that many would ask, but it may be possible whether or not the page I will wait for you.

    I love Keroro more fun but not like you have accumulated (but no money ^ – ^)

    You are very beautiful really lovely to speak from the heart.

  9. nok Says:

    The flight when I see clips on youtube showing you on Tele Top, crush a green?
    I remember your shape. And I see clips on youtube and ก้อ almost did not see it again, because nearly all see past all of the songs and then wonder. grils I love the music, the only sohot like rap you have a special fun.
    Thanks for the good work.

  10. Jon Olitan Says:

    Hi YuBin:

    Im jon olitan from Philippines. Keep up the good work please send me pictures in my, I like to post it in my laptop as wallpaper.


    jon Olitan

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