If you wish to contact us [kazaf10 or loveyoobin] privately without leaving a comment here,

please write an email to:


Also, it would help if you specifically tell us what you wanna say by having a related Subject title.

Please don’t forget to include your name (to know who you are/address you)

Thank you for supporting kimyoobin.wordpress.com ^^

16 Responses to “About”

  1. loveyoobin Says:

    yubin jjang!
    wg jjang!

  2. breezy Says:

    Thank you for this fansite!!! I shall come and visit often..Yoobin Jjang!

  3. nyssnisacha Says:

    haha, my new fav place..tanx for the fansite XD

  4. kazaf10 Says:

    hahah! HI ALL! WELCOME HERE!
    DO COMMENT OFTEN! kekekeke!


  5. I♥WG Says:

    You guys from Singapore too? Yippee.
    Anw, I just recently found out about this website:} Super Great job.
    But i hope you guys could make one not only to YooBin, but to the whole of WG. So that the whole group can feel our support. No offence anyway.

    I ♥ Wonder Girls. hehs.

  6. wgholic Says:

    haha fellow singaporeans annyong~
    nice to meet you guys
    yoo binne is ❤
    wonder girls hwaiting
    kimyoobin.wordpress.com hwaiting !

  7. kazaf10 Says:

    Hahahah, welcome all! Enjoy your stay here! Hwaiting! ^^

  8. em Says:

    hello. i’ve sent you a message on the mail you left here in the site regarding my contribution to all wonderfuls. 🙂

  9. buynaa Says:

    hey like yu bin very much because shi is sing best

  10. jkevinah Says:

    thanks for all your effort:P
    and happy birthday(right?) kazaf10:P

    yubin jjang!!haha

  11. kazaf10 Says:

    @ jkevinah:



    jjang! 😀

  12. Sikimchi Says:

    this is my new favorite site, thanks for the frequent updates (:

  13. oa Says:

    yoo bin

    i love u

  14. trapnest Says:

    Thanks for open this fansite
    I love Yoo bin very much much much

  15. bgrtan Says:

    i love uuuuuuu yoobin . i wish come turkey

  16. prae Says:

    yo !

    hi Yoobin

    i love u verymuchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


    good night

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