To Our Dearest Yoo Bin / Yu Bin:

우리의 친애하는 유빈씨 :



No matter what you are & where you are, you are still be loved by us all ; WONDERFULS!
We still love you ; the young & cute Yoo Bin / Yu Bin. Stay Healthy!

你仍然是我们所有 WONDERFULS 喜爱的瑜斌 (小U)。


Leave your comments / love in the comment section below.


Hoping she will see all these love from Wonderfuls soon!


59 Responses to “Message For Snow White ; 백설 공주에게 메시지”

  1. loveyoobin Says:

    You are the first Wonder Girl that brought me to love Wonder Girls. You are my favourite! I LOVE YUBIN. So you don’t need to change because of what people say. Stay strong, be happy and most importantly, HAVE FUN. From Singapore.

  2. 예은 Says:

    Netizens please watch what you`re talking .
    She`s just lucky to gain some weight it isn`t something bad , suckers .
    Yoobin`s working hard along with the wondergirls and i believe she`ll get back her former self .
    Yoobin hwaiting !

    From SG

  3. Qiann Says:

    Yoobin unnie! You are always the best no matter what! Please don’t be discouraged by those stupid no-brain comments! You still have us, wonderful! (: Please stay strong and healthy! I love you! We love you! *hugs

    Qiann, you SG Wonderful(:

  4. nyssnisacha Says:

    Yoobin, be strong!! you are pretty whatever size you are, whatever skin colour you are..we love you for who you are. binnie ah, you are beautiful inside have a good heart and talent like no other..what is more important is that you’ve got us, the Wonderfuls, cos for us, you r WONDERFUL!!our one and only Snow White, we love you for who you are..fighting!!
    Malaysian Wonderful =D

  5. dario Says:

    Yoo Bin, I’m praying very hard that you’ll be fine and ignore those hurtful comments those shallow people made. You are the reason I love wonder girls as much as I do. Please stay strong and be happy!

    From Singapore.

  6. eia Says:

    Yoobin, I bet that those girls making nasty comments about you are super duper major ugly inside & out. They talk shit coz they’re own life sucks…hehe. So, just brush it off your shoulders & enjoy life. Health is wealth. Be true & be yourself. WONDERGIRLS forever!!! love yah yoobin!mwahh!

    From A True Wonderful
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  7. yoobinhwaiting! Says:

    Take care, unnie. We love you noooo matter what. Stay strong, we’re here for your forever.

    Hwaiting!! ❤

  8. sehjy Says:

    YooBin, your the reason why i really love Wonder Girls, don’t mind them, be positive and stay strong wonderfuls are here to support you no matter. your still our sexiest rapper!! fighting! their just insecure!!

    from sehjy,
    Wonderful Philippines!!

  9. RAWR! Says:

    We fans don’t care if you’re fat or thin, ugly or beautiful! We care about what’s inside so please continue to be who you are and smile always! And you’re still the sexy yoobin in the group so please don’t be upset! Stay healthy and happy! SARANGHAE KIM YOO BIN!

  10. RAWR! Says:

    AND you’ll always be our snow white! :o)

  11. JiAnZ Says:

    Hey hey YooBin!!! Although this has been posted in the previous post but, i really wanna say…. You are the only reason which i am so into WG! Your rap ROX!!!! I really really cant find another female rapper as powerful as you!!!! Be strong and stay cheerful, always!!!!! (*0*)/

    Wonderful Singapore

  12. Cubin Says:

    unni ah fighting \:d/
    U’re always the most beautiful girl in my mind
    U’re sexy
    U’re an amzing rapper
    U have a sweet voice
    Whatever some bad people said , U have to be cheerful
    I really love ur smile 😡
    Pls don’t worry about weight =] a true wonderful don’t care about it
    We love u because of u not ur weight 😡
    U’re usually pretty 😡
    Be stronger XD

    I love WGs because of U 😡
    Hwaiting unni
    Love U forever 😡

  13. djeu.ljnk Says:

    be stronger, Bin unnie. I’m so proud of you, I love your smile, you are always pretty and lovely, so don’t worry about your weight. ^^
    Wonderful love you because you are a strong girl.

    From djeu.ljnk – wonderful Vietnam.

  14. libby96 Says:

    Yoobin unni! fighting!
    don’t listen to any of the criticism, we don’t care! we love you for who you are; personality, your weight doesn’t matter.

    unni, stay happy and healthy, and thats all we want… ^.^

    love you forever unni…

    libby96 – sydney, australia ❤

  15. pia Says:

    Yubin unnie!!!
    You’re still sexy and jjang no matter what!
    Don’t mind the netizens~ They’re not the only people and Wonderfuls in the world! We got each other’s back and that’s that (kekeke line from Big Bang song). The one who wrote on your cyworld is drop-dead jealous!!! Stay being cute and dorky!!! You’re still our sexy hot rapper!
    I love you Yubin unnie!!!!!!!!
    Yubin unnie, WG, Wonderfuls FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!

  16. steph Says:

    Binnie unnie ^^

    NO matter whatever changes, you will always be the hot and sexy Kim YooBin in our hearts!

    With regards to the netizens comments, who are they to judge you, if they are that perfect, why are they sitting in front of the computer criticizing others and not make use of their time to do something meaningful? Netizens who criticize are nothing but a bunch of lifeless people. They should like put themselves in your shoes and THINK before commenting… ONLY JYP is fit to comment on WG!

    YooBin FTW!
    SG Wonderfuls will support you all the way!
    Take care and rest well =)

  17. Chaw Says:

    we love u so much
    maybe for some people, you’re not ordinary
    but for us, u’re an extraordinary girl
    u’re a cute girl who has lots talents
    don’t think about people say
    just be your true self
    i believe u can be great one in WONDERFUL’s heart
    be strong onnie, GBU^^

    Chaw – Wonderful Indonesia

  18. jincai18 Says:

    dear yoobin,
    u r my most fav member from WG and trust me, u r not fat.u r perfectly fine, ur thick legs dont make u look fat, it makes u look u even know how many fans u have. u have da highest number of fans in USA and Canada.i luv u. Bangladeshi boys think u r da hottest whereas most bangladeshi guys dont like korean girls.u r u wanna see how many fans u have,go to this link and find out:

    I LUV U
    from your Bangladeshi fans

  19. christine Says:

    omona! netizens are nasty! our yoobin is still pretty~ yoobin unnie no matter what you are still our unnie! PRETTY SNOW WHITE ❤ FIGHTNG~

  20. Minjook.supporter Says:

    is it too late for me to leave a message for Binnie?I didnt know your blog until yesterday.But I’m gonna leave my messg anyway ^^.It’s better late than never.

    “YooBin unnie,in the past few weeks you went through a hard time tackling nasty comments on you gaining weight.It’s not a crime to put on some weight cos’ that’s what humans do.Those netizens just went overboard,you only look a little chubbier than So hot’s time,not even close to fat.I was mad with those people who stole the shining smiles from my unnie.To me and all Wonderfuls,you’re always beautiful,inside and outside.My day is brighter when I see YooBin unnie smile and you’re prettier when you smile.So keep smiling ^^
    Wonder Girls are going to the States and I’m gonna miss you all so much.But I’ll wait for you.I love you!
    Vietnamese Wonderful ”

    I’d appreciate it a lot if you do me this favour and forbear my lateness.

  21. Chopstick Says:

    Hey ignore the idiots who are remarking about your weight, if the rest of us still think your awesomely sexy u should be happy! live life to the fullest and dont care about what anyone says we absolutely frickin’ love you Binnie!
    xx ifly ❤
    Wonderful from australia

  22. Aliya Says:

    Dear Yoobin,

    You have always been my favourite out of all the Wondergirls because I love you for your strength and sensitivity and your talent. I also love you because you look healthy and beautiful and you set a good example that not all girls who are beautiful and talented have to be skinny and thin. Please stay strong, stay healthy, and be happy for yourself instead of listening to the criticisms of others. Remember that we wonderfuls will support you always. Yoobin FIGHTING!

  23. aix Says:

    HEY! you’re my idol! because I admire your rapping, I now practice rapping too.

    I think you’re really pretty. I would give up anything to be you. soo just understand that your fans are here for you!

  24. Sophie Says:

    i love you yoobin!
    Take care!

  25. weerin Says:

    I am satisfied you very , you’re my idol ,

    I will follow your work forever

    Bye Bye Bye


  26. yiwei Says:

    Dearest YooBin unnie,
    Yoobin unnie, please promise me you’ll always stay strong and happy? because i dont wanna see Yoobin unnnie feel sad or hurt anymore by what other ppl say intentional to hurt Yoobin unnie!! =( it hurts me when unnie is feeling down or sad, although unnie does not show it in front of the camera..

    i just want Yoobin unnie to know that WONDERFULS FROM SINGAPORE will always STAND by you, SUPPORT you, and LOVE you ❤ ❤ ❤
    because we love unnie for who she is, no matter what happens, we will NEVER leave you! Yoobin unnie, whenever you feel sad, think of us wonderfuls okay? =)

    “please know that we wont leave you aloneeee, all the boys be loving you, girls be loving you too, they will never stop, cus we know that you are so HOT HOT!”


    -YI WEI



    Yu Bin Unnie,

    No matter what anyone says, you are still the best and everybody knows that. You know what? You actually look very cute with your chubby cheecks! 😀 But you can also be ver sexy so keep doing wat you want to do and stay happy! Hope one day you can perform in Toronto! I’ll be the FIRST to buy tickets.


  28. yiwei Says:

    To my dearest YOOBIN unnie,
    saranghae! unnie i saw pictures of you at the “2009 Asia Model Festival Awards” and unnie didnt seem very happy, i hope everything’s alright… somehow, i just feel that something has changed.. since the end of last year till now, unnie hasnt been smiling much.. and i guess it is because of those bad netizens who have been deliberately hurting unnie with nasty comments!
    i feel so helpless=( watching those ppl hurt unnie like that, and not being able to do anything..=((((((

    but i want unnie to know that those who sincerly love you would never ever say or do such things to hurt you, and those people are unnie’s family, friends and of course us WONDERFULS =D because we LOVE you, we want you to be happy!!!
    SARANGHAE YOOBIN UNNIE.. oh gosh, i feel like crying now.. but i will keep smiling=D because i know yoobin unnie will continue to simle too=) i miss you so much, please come to singapore soon. byebye.

    singapore wonderful

  29. yiwei Says:

    erm btw, i just wanna confirm with the moderators.. will what we(i) write here be posted in yoobin’s cyworld??? because if it is, i greatly appreciate it, cus i really cant seem to post comments on her cyworld, and i would for yoobin to be able to see what i have written=)

  30. kazaf10 Says:

    @ yiwei:

    yes, actually the previous batch of message was posted on her cyworld.
    Untill recently, she blocked her comment page.

  31. suxian Says:



    u are not wad the hurtful remarks said about u !
    u look nice now too ! chubby and cute !
    also better den before !
    see , u live ure own life !
    not living for the netizens or
    the netizens controlling u !
    the people are jux jealous !
    we(ure fans) all love u for who u are .
    we wont mind ure looks .
    we love u for who u are !
    if you think u are wonderful ,
    we will think u are wonderful ,
    cox u are wonderful in our heart !

    u are the first singer/celebrity that i can go so crazy over !
    u had my mind filled up wib wonder girls totally !

    sadly i missed ure sg korean pop concert D:
    cheer up !
    stay strong always !
    smile always !
    keep on the FIGHTING SPIRIT 😀
    we will support u till the end !
    and gib u lots of love !
    rmb to come to singapore again 😀

    hope you can see my message cox i couldn get into the ure cyworld x.x

    pls no matter wad , hlp me force post into her cyworld T.T
    or somewhre she can see

  32. SAMANTHA :D Says:

    Dont care what other people say about you , just be yourself !
    AJA AJA 😀 ♥♥

  33. suxian Says:

    rmb to post my name too 😀

  34. Diana Says:

    Yoo Bin is the who make me attracted to the Wonder Girls! Love her RAPS!


  35. Hellojeffy Says:

    You have the prettiest voice ever ^_^
    You can sing AND rap, your voice works perfect in each. I saw you perform at the La Mirada concert and was amazed by your talent 😀
    I hope I get to meet you someday, you seem like an incredible person to hang out with…Wishing on a Star 😀
    Saranghae Nobody, Nobody but Yoo Bin! 🙂

    Love Jeff

  36. Fv Says:

    Dear Wonder Yoo Bin…….
    i love your voice, i love your rap, i love everything about you!!
    You’re so cool !!!!
    Keep up the good work!

  37. Jina Says:

    Snow Bin..

    You’re so coool.
    Your Rap is perfect.
    Hope to see u again in Thailand ^_^

    Love love..

  38. me91 Says:

    yoobin!!!you’re the reason why i watch and support wondergirls.You’re the prettiest one and the hottest.
    you’re such a wonderful girl and from what I’ve seen you’re very real and you know yourself better that anyone else so who cares about what other people say.
    Just stay wonderful cause at the end its what inside that really matters.

  39. loonylovegood Says:

    Saranghe noona ♥♥

  40. Hellojeffy Says:

    I respect every decision you make, and I support this one 😀 Stay strong! Fighting!
    Whatever makes you happy makes me 10x happier Yoobin….SARANGHAE!!! ❤

    ❤ Hellojeffy ^-^

  41. moo Says:

    The cutest and the one with probably the best personality..and not to mention the killer smile..
    loved the way she interacted with wonderbaby in Starking

  42. Veleneee Says:

    i love you kimyoobin!
    all the best (:
    i support you to the end!
    i hope wg comes to singapore again!
    love ,

  43. ommi Says:

    Dear Yoo Bin,

    You know!.. you are really make me and my colleagues happy since we know “Wonder Girls”.. we really love your songs…. (^_^)…and when I see your lovely warmly smile!!!…. well,I wish everything will work out just fine for U… and we will looking forward “Wonder Girls ” visit Thailand again… we will waiting for you guys.. we promise U… (Kob-Khun-kha = Thank you)…… Take good care
    Cheer!! Yoo Bin…

    Rak-Na-Jub-Jub (you said this word in the 1st Wonder Girls Concert @ Bkk,we love it!!)

  44. Aikhem Says:

    Hi..Yoo bin

    You make me know WG (Love at first sight 🙂 so, “ONLY YOO BIN…ONLY WG”


  45. Johanna Says:

    Yoobin we love you ❤ I would take you if I liked girls LMAO!

  46. nok Says:

    When will open the concert that country want to see the wonder grils time ago not to because they do not know. When listening to music. I find that nobody started this band artist who is ultimately a call to know, but it did not go see a concert if there is another wonder grils will ask to see both mother and father, Roy kitchen.

    Bye See you later.

  47. trapnest Says:

    Binnie, you are the best female rapper i’ve ever seen before. I love your music very much. You’re fine now in the U.S, aren’t you? I hope the wonder girls will be famous first is in the U.S and then over the world. Wonderfuls miss you and wonder girls very much.

  48. wongen/nins Says:

    To our Yoobin,
    I hope you are doing well. I just want to say that I am so proud of you and the girls. COntinue spreading the WOnder. Take care 🙂

  49. Novaforever Says:


    All your fans love and support you! I know it must be scary going up on that stage in front of people who don’t know who you are, but you are really blazing a trail for all Asian artist in America.

    I’ll be at your Atlanta show for sure! Wait for me!

    Wonder Girls fighting!

  50. ftYOOBIN Says:

    Binnie-Unnie. I hope you notice all the love from all your fans and through your hardships. You’ll notice your fans are here to face them with you and support you no matter what! WE LOVE YOU YOOBIN~ SARANGHAE ^_^

  51. Dear Yoobin,
    Ur 1 of the most prettiest celebrities Iv’e ever met!!!I hope u remember me and please reply im dying 4 1 ❤ U

  52. ommi Says:

    Dear..Yoo Bin

    Hey.. right now Im in Madrid (I’m Wonderful Thailand)but I still keep watching you guys through Inet .. … You so awesome in Boston I love it…

    .. Hope you guys visit Madrid one day!!!!! wait for you guys here!!!!!!!!!!

  53. WGs4ever Says:

    Yubin unni,..
    Dont know how to express my feeling now:(
    You’d take care of yourself well and stay health!
    Wonderfuls wanna say to you that WE LOVE YOU MORE THAN WE CAN SAY!
    Keep your smile always,be strong! Saranghaeyo,unni:*

    Wonderfuls are always by your side!!

  54. JaaanLeeyy Says:

    Yoobin unnie! you’re one of the prettiest girl in the world, always stay strong and healthy 😛 and we (Wonderfuls) are always here for you ..

    Saranghaeyo Yoobinnie ♥~

  55. ili nadia Says:

    happy birthday yoo bin!!
    wish you all the best!!
    i’m a huge fan of your from Malaysia..
    please do come Malaysia with the member..
    ♥♥kim yoo bin always..

  56. ANGHIE Says:


  57. sss Says:

    yubin u r the best!!
    i´m fan of wonder girls because of you.
    hopes you record an album.

  58. Says:

    hi my name’s haliut

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