July 2009

EVER has released dance tutorial for Wonder Girls’ latest dance battle CF today! 😀



{credits: kimjaewon @ soompi}

I met the girls!!! and JYP!!!

So one of the guys from JYPE USA staff uploaded a picture from their hotel on his twitter. As soon as I recognized the hotel I took my keys, their gifts (mexican candies and a little jewelry box) and drove straight to the hotel. I missed them since someone from the hotel told me they went to grab some tacos. I was going to walk to the restaurant that is a couple blocks away but it started raining (WTF it NEVER rains here). So I decided to sit down and wait for them and them JYP arrived in a private taxi with one of the guys from his team. I yelled at him and he was surprised, I was so nervous and I couldnt even turn on the camera on my cellphone. He was surpised to see that I have a picture of NichKhun as my wallpaper. So the other guy took the pic and I told JYP that I have a gift for him but that he will have to wait until tomorrow. I waited and then the whole JYPE USA staff waited outside for a cab. My sister’s friend started asking them questions… They asked one of the girls if she was a wonder girl and they asked if they could take a pic with one of the guys because he was good looking and they thought he was famous. They all got in the cars and they went for dinner. I waited some more and then one of the guys from the hotel told me that the “five tiny and pretty asian girls” asked for a van and that they were on their way back to the hotel. So the van arrived and all the JB fans ran to the van. Sohee, Sunmi and Sunye got into the hotel pretty fast. I was only able to take a pic of Sohee but not talk to her.
But I was able to yell ‘Yoobin I have gifts for you and the girls” so she received all the gifts and I asked her if she liked the tacos. She said “yeah they were really good” And I asked for a pic of her, and a pic with me and then with my sis. Ye Eun on the meantime talked a little bit with the JB fans and maybe took some pics with them. The JB fans were surrounding her so I was unable to get a pic or say hello.
I was chosen to be a fan*tastic so tomorrow Ill see them again.

I also dont think I need to repeat how gorgeous they are and how tiny yoobin is. She is NOWHERE near fat, for some reason she looks bigger in pictures but she is around the other girls weight.
{credits: checherry @ soompi}

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Update with 1 new wallpaper


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On 28th July, Lenka held a mini showcase in Seoul, COEX Samsung-dong.

Recently, in response to Lenka wanting to meet the Wonder Girls, Yoobin of Wonder Girls, updated her personal minihompy with a message “Lenka, I would like to meet you too T_T”.

After her showcase, Lenka specially took some time off to write/sign a message for Yoobin of Wonder Girls.

Lenka signs her autograph on Wonder Girls “The Wonder Years – Trilogy” with the message, ” I ♥ U Yu-Bin!” and another message, “lots of love Yu-Bin!” on her own album.

Seems like it isnt just Yubin who wants to meet Lenka now aye?

[Source: unionpress.co.kr]
[Translation: ilovesunmi@wonderfulsworld]

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