September 2009


Chosun’s webzine (web-magazine) will be bringing you the diary of Wonder Girls in New York. The Wonder Girls had finished touring with the Jonas Brothers in the states since June. Currently, these girls are in preparation of their new english album everyday back at JYP USA’s New York office.

There are a total of 60 photos, 10 of it to be released everyday, each showcasing the lives of Wonder Girls in US. From taking english lessons to practicing their choreography.

{Day 1 Pictures: HERE}


{source: chosun news}

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Part 2 released!


Part 1:

Part 2:

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Below are pictures of Wonder Girls about their American lives, released by chosun.

Out shopping together, Yoobin & Sunye. "The weather is so good today!" exclaimed by both of them.

Out shopping together, Yoobin & Sunye. "The weather is so good today!" exclaimed by the both of them.

{source: chosun/wonderholic}
Captions translated:

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October 2nd is just around the corner and, if you have been keeping track with us on, you will know that that is the date where Korea’s top female idol groups who gathered under the MBC program “Idol Group Survival: Sweet Girl” will be aired.

Although sorely missed by Korean fans, Wonder Girls had to sit this one out, due to their current activities in the U.S. However, they were gracious enough to make a special appearance through a pre-recorded video segment to contribute to this epic event.

In the message, the girls playfully argued, “In a competition to determine the (physically) strongest idol group, we (Wonder Girls) would definitely win, but why is it that we are the only ones left out?” and “We demand a plane ticket (so we can attend the program).”

In addition, when asked who they predict the (physically) strongest idol member to be, Wonder Girls chose Kara’s Goo Hara.

Seriously?!! Of all people, they select the doe-eyed Barbie doll with a waistline that is dubbed as “ant-waist…”

But who knows? Maybe Hara has a hidden potential of turning BEASTmode on the other girl groups and sweep the competition clean. The results are up in the air at this moment, but one general consensus can be reached: this is an episode which you definitely don’t want to miss!

{source: allkpop}

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