April 2009

“Thank you for all the gifts!!!”

Mimi’s birthday is only 2 days away!!

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So my friend George who works at Wondersubbers is going to a party. He’s walking down the street when he sees two Korean girls walk past speaking Korean. He catches sight of one of their faces, spins around, chases them down…and who does he see?

Yeeun and Yoobin. So like any WG fan, he started talking to them. He finds out that they know about Spectacle to a certain extent already, and he asked them for a pic. (Unfortunately, it was taken from his cell phone). Of course, they had no makeup, so he promised not to show their no-makeup face. Therefore, fkgor told me to block out their faces…..so um, the following picture is OBVIOUSLY NOT of the WG, just a pic of a random white guy and two korean girls……*cough*


P.S. because some people won’t read my posts after this original post, this happened around 11 pm. I will not say where they were coming from and where they were going because that’s their business…but he met them downtown on 1st avenue. if you were wondering.

[Credit: B.~@wgspectacle]

They cant get a photo of them but their autographs is good enough…

[credits: h0ney_xT @ wondergirls soompi thread]

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