June 2009


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Da girls just murdered Vancouver. I mean murder!! Everybody was doing da nobody dance! Check out da picture.

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At The Backstage:

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The all-female, K-pop group Wonder Girls released their first North American single, “Nobody” and opened for the Jonas Brothers at Portland’s Rose Garden on Saturday.

According to the band’s management company JYP Entertainment, the English-language version of the Wonder Girls’ immensely popular single was released digitally the same day as their opening performance for America’s “tween-pop” sensations.

Telling fans to get up and dance, the Wonder Girls were introduced on stage by the Jonas Brothers’ father, Kevin Jonas, who co-manages his sons’ North American tour. Clad in sparkling Motown-style, one-piece dresses, the girls performed “Tell me” in front of 20,000 screaming fans.

Back stage, it was reported that Joe Jonas danced and sang along to their performance.

The group, whose next stop is Seattle, met with fans after the concert.

{source: korea herald}

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