Members of the Wonder Girls said that they are still in a state of dizziness at the interview after receiving the Daesang Award. Although they gained popularity being Korea’s little sisters group after the big hit ‘Tell Me’ and consecutive hits, ‘So Hot’ and ‘Nobody’, all have an unbelievable expression when they were identified as winners at the traditional and prestigious Seoul Gayo Daesang. The special sense of joy and emotions of being crowned as one of Korea’s most popular singers only two years after their debut.

Thoughts about receiving the Daesang?
We think that the award is not just only for us, but also a reward for the efforts and hardwork of all those who helped us.

Within 2 years after the debut in Febuary 2007, Wonder Girls rised to the top. Have you expected it to be so fast?
In our debut year, we were determined to work hard when we received the Rookie of the Year Award. We didn’t thought even in our dreams that we would receive the Daesang this quickly. We think that staff and members in our company and so forth have been working hard supporting us with a strong strength.

The feeling as the name ‘Wonder Girls’ was announced as Daesang winners?
Dizzy. We felt dizzy and out of our minds from the start of the encore performance to the end. We wanted to give a great show as the Daesang winners but it was shocking and memories from the period of our activities flashes by like films.

What is the driving force to being winners of the award?
Maybe its the strength of the people. (Laughs) We will never get this award merely by the strength of our five members. Members of our company and fellow staff have the biggest credits. It seems like the charm of Wonder Girls is that we are like sisters next-door and each personalities of the 5 members emerged on stage.

The first person that you think of after receiving the Daesang?
Sohee: I thought of my fellow members first
Sunmi: My parents appeared.
Yoobin: I thought of the members of JYPE first.
Sunye: The faces of my fellow members appeared first too.
Yeeun: Not a human, I thought of God.

We know that the large project of entering the market of US is in progress. What are the future activity plans?
The respective concerts will start this month on the 28th in Thailand, on the 5th, 6th and 8th of next month in the US, 21st in Busan and 28th in Seoul. We want to focus first on the concerts. Then our activities will be working hard to prepare and release our new album.

Translated by ic3chubb3 @ soompi
Original article: wonderholic