The Wonder Girls, the five-member pop sensation now active in the United States, has caused a stir among Korean netizens over photos showing two members of the girl band signing autographs on the shoes of American fans.

The photos were posted on the Web site of an American radio channel that organized an autograph session in Florida last month. In the photos circulating on the Internet, Sohee and Yubin, two members of the girl band, lowered themselves to sign autographs on a shoe placed on the autographing table, with the fan still wearing it.

Witnesses reportedly said that three female fans received autographs on their shoes.

“Even by Western standards, it’s impolite for a fan to place a soiled shoe on a table and demand an autograph,”a witness was quoted as saying by a Korean daily. “Other entertainers would have vented anger toward such demands, but they did the autographing with smiles. I can’t stand that our top singers are being treated like this.”

Some netizens posted comments on Web sites saying that the autographs were not a fan service but an act of throwing away self-esteem. They said that the fans should have taken the shoes off to get the signatures.

JYP Entertainment, the management agency for the girl band, said the atmosphere at that time was “not rude or unpleasant,” as described by Korean fans on the Internet.

“We hope this incident will not hurt the Wonder Girls’ members,”an agency official said.

The girl group has successfully completed its tour concerts in the U.S. and will make an official debut in New York in October.

{source: korea times}