So I met The Wonder Girls tonight and I must say that they are so insanely sweet that it’s a little insane! They are currently on tour with The Jonas Brothers… they were only supposed to do 13 dates with the boys, but they were lucky enough to stick with the tour much much longer and I caught up with them on stop #39. (yea, wow… that’s more that 13).

The girls were nice enough to give me a few minutes of their time and I got to know them a bit. They are all thrilled to be bringing their music to the US (they’ve been around for 3 years, had a hit reality show and are currently on their 4th album everywhere else but the US!)… although at first it was a little bit wierd when no one knew them during meet and greets… oh, and don’t fret about getting them confused! Everyone does it, and it doesn’t bother them (although, I wouldn’t walk around just calling them, ‘Hey you’, you gotta at least try to tell them apart. Visit their official site here


{source: bunnywithfangs.com}