ok so first off, i made my video and sent it in about 2-3 weeks early for fantastics and i got the call like 1 week before. also they confirmed where to meet on the day of.

i got dropped off at the HP Pavillion (concert venue) at about like 3:30pm?
so i was just in time for the Nobody Tutorial in front of the verizon bus.

there was seriously a lot of asian people, and some non-asians, but you could tell everyone wanted to meet the WG only. Some staff lady tried to hype us up with a ” WHO WANTS TO SEE THE JONAS BROS?” The whole crowd was booing LOL I didnt boo though, since theyre touring w/ em. Some guy yelled ” WHO WANTS TO SEE THE WONDER GIRLS!?” everyone practically screamed. so like 30 min in nobody starts blasting in front of the verizon bus and everyone is spazzing out, dancing, getting ready.

{credits: Raijinakuma @ Spectacle Forums}

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when i look to my right i hear screams and i knew the moment was coming. the wonder girls walked out of the venue and i couldnt believe my eyes. after all those videos and pictures online, they were actually a few feet in front of me. all the girls introduced themselves and yoobin hyped us up by saying it was her home town. there was a bunch of people in front of me, luckily i was a bit taller so i got to see a glimpse of them if i tiptoed.

i think yeeun asked if we knew the dance, but everyone screamed “YESSS!” that made the girls laugh a lil. the girls then proceded to teach the dance and they said they would select three people to dance w/ them. i literally busted out my sign, which said “YOOBIN NUNA LOOK HERE!” in hangul. i was seriously jumping up and down while simultaneously trying to take a picture. im not sure if they saw me but they picked 3 other people. still lucky for them. at this point i was trying to move somewhere else and take pics.

near the end of the tutorial everyone was trying to get the girls signature and pics. it was pretty chaotic, but when they walked in i got to take a video of them.
uploaded here: Wonder Girls Signing stuff

so after the tutorial i was just waiting for the fantastics thing and bumped in to two other fantastics, one a member on spec, I<3Sunmi. we basically intro’d ourselves and walked around for a bit. random people saying “WONDERGIRLS!” at us, since we had the tshirts on. we also took a pic w/ someone who flew all the way from korea and a random fan. me and the other 2 fantastics were recognized by some allkpop staff and they asked if they could interview us.
we obviously said yes. we yelled “hey allkpop, WE LOVE THE WONDER GIRLS!” in front of a huge line of jonas bros fans. ._. yea, so if a vid is on allkpop , u know its us

after a lot of hours later, some guy drives up in a car saying “hey i got free tickets, u want?”
O_O we were spazzing out and ran inside after a security check. my pants were falling down lol
after a few mishaps finding our seats, we asked the girls next to us if the WG performed yet. unfortunately we missed them by like 10 min, jordin sparks was singing but we had to get out of there.

almost time for fantastics and we saw a few people waiting for the WG at the bus.
i met up w/ someone and i also saw julia after awhile, we talked a little and waited for hana
the moment finally came when i saw hana walking up to us asking if we were fantastics

after rollcall and getting our wristbands we started walking inside the building. i dont know if it was really that far, but my heart was pumping the whole way. we stopped in a little room where i could see jype staff standing around. everyone was really spazzing out by then. then came the girls.

everyone literally took out their cameras and started taking pics. they shook all our hands and my glasses actually fell off when i had to shake SunYe’s hand. really embarassing @_____@
they looked so so so so so pretty in their silver dresses. like everyone says pictures dont do it.
they looked like dolls in front of all of us

the jype staff told us to get in groups of 5 for pics, so everyone was scrambling to take pics and such
after that they told us to only get 1 thing signed, i was literally panicking in my mind since i had a billion things i wanted them to sign. i settled on my shirt, nobody album, sunmi pic, and yoobin solo pic

JYP also came in so everyone was like “JYP!” “can you teach me the dance?(again&again)”
he was so cool, totally nice guy

i could see people taking selcas w/ them so i asked another fantastic to take pics for me, since i dont really know how to take selca. at first i saw sunmi and she was standing like a manniquin. i was really confused? but i asked her if she could sign my picture to apple. i said “sagwa. you know?” she was like “oh! yes i remember.” so i handed her the picture, but she kind of slammed the picture on the wall and i was shocked but at the same time amused. i also got her to sign my nobody album after a jype staff yelled at me. Yeeun then proceded to sign my shirt and i tried to say something to her because the people in front of me were taking a long time. i just blurted out “You guys are so pretty!” like an idiot, and she thanked me.

then i saw yoobin. she was literally jaw dropping beautiful. i couldnt believe it. to anyone who says she has to lose weight, i will side kick them. she is sooooo skinny, only if u compare her to sunmi or so hee then she is bigger. she signed my picture of her and sun ye signed my nobody album.
so hee signed my nobody album too and she looked at my shirt to write my name.

after that some fans gave the girls a teddy bear, a drawing, and one girl gave them cupcakes. they were happy for the cupcakes.
even though it was pretty exciting the whole process was really rushed. i really wanted to talk to them or at least get my poster board signed by yoobin.

we were escorted outside and told by hana to wait till 10pm to hand out flyers. after 30min of waiting we were wondering where hana was because we missed a whole wave of people exiting the concert.

hana finally came out and we got two boxes full of flyers. everyone started handing them out and we got about one box empty. since we missed a bunch of people we still had a lot of flyers left. i actually was guarding the boxes and tried handing them to people but they already had them.

after a long while we were wondering when hana would come back. by then it was about 12am and all of us were pretty tired. all of us didnt get the presigned Nobody album we were supposed to recieve.

but after all our patience, we saw Yoobin, Sohee, Yeeun, and Sunmi walking toward their tour bus.
everyone was trying to take pictures and the girls looked great in their outfits. sunmi had some cool leggings on xD

we all counted 4 WG, so we knew leader min was gonna go on the bus, all the fantastics plus a few fans waited outside the bus for Sunye.
a few min later Sunye came out w/ her dog and i kind of thought it was someone else because her hair was styled in a funny way. the same style of lady gaga and sohee in a previous concert

jyp randomly walked toward us and all of us bombarded him w/ stuff to sign, i got my shirt signed and another fantastic got his shoe signed!

though since i was distracted by JYP i didnt notice yoobin also was here!
i still tried to get her to sign things but it was time for them to go.

a woman w/ a louis vuitton scarf appeared out of a car and jype staff said hello and greeted her w/ smiles. me and some other fantastics were thinking “isnt that yoobin’s mom?” i mean she had louis vuitton on, u dont buy louis vuitton unless ur super rich.
so yoobin’s mom took out like a whole box of ramen and gave it to the staff, then she went back in the car and took out an equally big box of korean seaweed, i thought that was funny and cute

yoobin then called for her brother, i think his name was ju hun?, but she said something to him and her mom. i was still waving my fanboard like crazy, and she waved at us for one last time.