On 28th July, Lenka held a mini showcase in Seoul, COEX Samsung-dong.

Recently, in response to Lenka wanting to meet the Wonder Girls, Yoobin of Wonder Girls, updated her personal minihompy with a message “Lenka, I would like to meet you too T_T”.

After her showcase, Lenka specially took some time off to write/sign a message for Yoobin of Wonder Girls.

Lenka signs her autograph on Wonder Girls “The Wonder Years – Trilogy” with the message, ” I ♥ U Yu-Bin!” and another message, “lots of love Yu-Bin!” on her own album.

Seems like it isnt just Yubin who wants to meet Lenka now aye?

[Source: unionpress.co.kr]
[Translation: ilovesunmi@wonderfulsworld]