Monday morning my sister and I went to the Wendy Williams show hoping to get in as standby’s. There were two other people there waiting as standby’s and at least 15 people ahead of us that had reservations. Sadly, we weren’t able to get in because so many people came with Wonder Girls and had taken up the empty seats as well as some of the reserved seats. A lot of them left and the rest of us were allowed to watch the show in the building in the “How you doin lounge“, rofl. They even gave us free donuts xD.

We watched the entire show from inside the freezing lounge and before the girls performed one of the staff members told us she’d have to escort us out after they perform and if we wait outside in the front of the building we’ll get to meet them, which we did. There were about 5 fans outside already with tons of pictures, posters, and other things for the girls to sign, I was so jealous because I didn’t bring anything x.x;. So we waited about 5 minutes and some guys came out with their mic cases, they were so cute lol. A little while later the girls came and I actually expected them to get directly in their cars but they came over to us and said hi and started signing autographs and taking pictures. I was so surprised and freaked out, I didn’t know what to do lmao. My sister kept saying do you want to take a picture with them? But I kept saying no because I didn’t think they would do it. So she asked Sohee to take a picture with her and she did it. Then Sunye came over to us and saw our purses and grabbed my sister’s and said AWWW this is so cute! They were little dog purses rofl. Then she took a picture with my sister. Yoobin came over afterwards and my sister asked her to take a picture with her and she did. Then my sister asked me again but I said no lol, idk why. I guess I was star struck. So then Yoobin grabbed me and said take a picture with me. I laughed and said ok. Afterwards JYP came by, I didn’t even notice he was there for some reason rofl. As they went to get in their cars they thanked all of us for coming out and took a few more pictures. The girls were soooo adorable and sweet. Their English improved a lot as well, Sunye’s accent was apparently gone lol. The only thing was Sunmi sort of stood off to the side, I think she may have been sick or something, she still looked really cute though lol.

Here’s some pictures of them that I took. I wish I would’ve taken more but with their success growing Im sure I’ll get another opportunity tongue.gif. (I cropped myself, because I looked terrible x.x;, and my sister out of some of them except 2 in which I left my sister in the picture.) Hope you all like them ^^


{credits: ChiRel @ Soompi}