“It’s better than my own home,” wrote a fan under the username “Lucy” on SeoulBeats.com, a pop culture news Web site. Another fan, “Stasha,” exclaimed, “Wow, it looks like a hotel!”

The topic at hand is the Wonder Girls new luxury tour bus, provided to them by Canadian carmaker Prevost. Valued at 1.4 billion won, the bus is indeed like a hotel with amenities such as a full bedroom, shower room, kitchen and big screen TV.

The XLII model vehicle will provide the South Korean pop group with a stylish mode of transportation on their tour with The Jonas Brothers this summer.

A spokesman from JYP Entertainment, producer Park Jin-yeong’s talent agency, said, “I think the Wonder Girls were given such a high quality bus so that they could match The Jonas Brothers’ fame.”

The South Korean group will perform with the American boy band in 13 of the 45 cities of their world tour. They will open for The Jonas Brothers from Oregon to Canada and are currently in Dallas, Texas, rehearsing for the tour’s first official performance.

{Source: Korea Times}