With the WonderGirls‘ successful debut stage on 27th June after the release of their American debut single ‘Nobody’, photos of the girls as the opening guests at the Jonas Brothers’ concert were revealed online.

And netizens go, “YooBin has lost weight? She look hot like from the So Hot days”.

Netizens’ responses:
“YooBin is charming no matter she is skinny or little chubby”
“It’s the hair and the clothes, and also the American air”
“Yeah, she did lose a little weight”
“Oppa likes YooBin with flesh, don’t lose weight YooBin”
“When was she not hot?”
“Yes I like this, go go YooBin! Go go WonderGirls!”

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Before (Nobody days state):

Before (So Hot days state):

After (At Jonas Brothers Concert recently):

What do ya think? Like it or hate it?
{credits: kbites}