On the 6th of  June, JCEntertainment’s online basketball game “Free Style” spokes person, Wonder Girls, was invited to  ‘FS Invitation’ fan meeting session, and spent a wonderful time and experience with the game users.

The event was filled with different game segments for the users who attended, and refreshments was served. However, the main highlight was popular girl group, Wonder Girls, make an appearance on stage.

Wonder Girls had recently took asia by storm with their hit song “Nobody”. On the day of the event, 5 members turn up on stage and met the fans. Sun Ye and Yoo Bin had even “used” their own character in the popular online basketball game “Freestyle”, to team up with other players and had a 3 : 3 competition against each other.

In the end, Sun Ye’s team couldn’t catch up with the scores, victory goes to among Wonder Girls’ membe rs, the one who is good at computer games, Yoo Bin’s Team.

{Source: etnews}

{Translation: kimyoobin.wordpress.com}