Will keep you updated with the news and whereabouts of the girls 😀

Current Status:

As of 6.40pm, 2009-06-10:

– Wonderfuls are waiting for the arrival of Wonder Girls to the main hall of the studio, after the interview, Wonder Girls will be receiving gifts and autograph

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As of 2pm, 2009-06-10:

– Arrived Beijing @ 1228pm (+8 GMT)

– They left the airport via V.I.P lane very swiftly

– About more than 30 people was there at the airport

– They fans shouted, and 2YE & sohee turned their heads back

– They came out of the gate via this order:

Ye Eun (like her personality, keep on greeting the fans)

Yubin (keep on smiling and waving to both sides, wearing black & white, pretty as usual)

Sohee (keeps on smiling secretly)

Sunmi (Looking at the ground, perhaps shy? but pretty!)

Sunye (Pretty as usual, just like the picture on FS fanmeet)

– 1 of the admin from Yubin China Forum managed to pass her gift to Yubin

– Wonder Girls are currently having lunch [Wonder Girls in 1 car, Staff and luggages in 1 car]
– Someone kicked Sunye’s luggage, leaving her to carry it herself

As of 4pm, 2009-06-10:

– Wonderfuls are leaving heading to the studio where Wondergirls will be having interview


{Source: Wondergirls baidu thread & WGCN}

{Translations: kimyoobin.wordpress.com}