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Wonder Girls will attend the PHUKET FASHION WEEK at Phuket on 24~30 June which will arrange again in the end of this year. They already made a contract when the girls came for concert tour in Thailand (the 1st Wonder in Bangkok), fortunately, because the girls’ schedule is so busy . They happily accepted to attend this event because they feel so grateful for the warm welcome their Thai fan gave to them, more than other countries they had gone to.

‘In this event, there’ll be fashion shows and concerts from more than 20 famous artists, let’s come and join PHUKET FASHION WEEK 2009′ said the organizer of this event

Beside the Wonder Girls, many other celebrities and artists will also attend this event.

Moreover, other good news from Wonder Girls, there will be their first fan meeting in US on 29th May, 2009. The 500 lucky fans will experience with the Wonder Girls in person!!

Now, according to the result of first US – Asian Pop Star polls , Wonder Girls came in 1st place with Utada in the 2nd and Se7en for 3rd.

So, the chance that the girls will breakthrough US is so clear!!

PS. Here’s come the chance to meet the girls

[Source: bangkok-today]
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