After school’s Uee (real name Kim Yoojin) has left her good friend Yoobin of Wondergirls (Real name Kim Yoobin) a letter.

Uee has written on the 10th at 3 o clock 16minutes on her cyworld minihomepage “Yoobin nyong! I can’t seem to contact you so I’m writing this in my diary! ke “I wanna see you! You *swear word*! Come here!”

Also she wrote her feelings towards her friend like this:”Today it’s a month that I’ve debuted! ehe >.< keke I want to see you! If you see this contact me! A messge! Love you

Uee had gathered attention for her resemblance to Moon Geun Yeong and Wondergirls’ Sohee on 2008 August 2nd on MBC’s “Star’s friend” as Yoobin’s friend.

Translation of the cyworld picture:

I met manager oppa at Music Core today!!!!
I was so happy to see him~~
(their manager from the Oh Girls days?)
I heard you told him (she doesn’t say who exactly, so I’m assuming she means the manager from the context)that my debut day was my birthday so he HAS to get me a cake! (b/c yoobin would be in the US)
Gijibae! (uh.. something along the lines of silly girl, kinda) You’re so touching!

[Translation credit: Luxtoraa & bobobo]

[source: newsen]