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What is the Group ‘Five Girls’ that Produced After School’s YooEe and the Wonder Girls’ YooBin?
By the Digital News Dept. at International Business Times (newsdept@ibtimes.co.kr)

After School’s newest member YooEe (real name: Kim YooJin) has received much attention after it had been revealed that she was once a member of the girl group ‘Five Girls’ that was featured on cable TV channel MTV.

The group ‘Five Girls’ was composed of 5 members including Choi Gina, Yang JiWon, Kim YooJin, Kim YooBin, and Jeon HyoSung. Early last month, MTV re-televised the reality program called ‘Diary of Five Girls’—which was shot mainly in Saipan—and drew interest from the public.

YooEe has experience working in the group ‘Five Girls’ with current Wonder Girls member YooBin.

YooEe and YooBin have maintained their friendship over time and last December YooEe appeared as YooBin’s friend in the MBC program ‘Introducing Stars’ Friends’. There YooEe garnered interest from the viewers through her fantastic dancing ability, her 170cm height, and her nice figure. She even became a most-searched item on Internet portal sites.

Afterwards, YooEe became a hot topic of conversation for using her dancing and singing skills to YooEe become the sixth member of After School. YooBin joined the Wonder Girls in 2007 in place of former member HyeonA and became a hot issue.

For such reasons, the group ‘Five Girls’ that produced members in top groups After School and Wonder Girls is gaining interest among netizens.

[Source: http://www.ibtimes.co.kr/article/news/20090407/8193192.htm]

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