상상처럼 그렇게 oh,oh

sang-sang-cheo-reom geu-reo-kae oh,oh
[so much like imagination oh, oh]

내게 다가와 그래 어서 더 oh

nae-ge da-ga-wa geu-rae eo-seo deo oh
[come up to me yes more oh]

망설일 필요 따윈 없어 no oh

mang-seo-ril pi-ryo tta-win eop-sseo no oh
[no need to hesitate no oh]

그래 그래 바로 지금이야 (right now)

geu-rae geu-rae ba-ro ji-geu-mi-ya  (right now)
[yes yes right now (right now)]

조금씩 다가와 내게 빠져봐

jo-geum-ssik da-ga-wa nae-ge ppa-jeo-bwa
[little by little come up to me fall for me]

너를 맡겨봐 그대 내게 와

neo-reul mat-kkyeo-bwa geu-dae nae-ge wa
[leave youself to me you come to me]

baby come on let me bring it on and i always need you, not alone


[credits: redmangolover@ wgjjang.wordpress.com]