Wonder Girls, Photos from a ‘Sexy Concept’ Music Video Leaked
By Park JaeDuk (avalo@joynews24.com)

Candid pictures that appear to show the Wonder Girls filming a music video have been spreading through fan cafes and drawing looks from around the online community.

The pictures—which have been identified as having been taken at the end of March—show the Wonder Girls’ transformation into “cyber” style wardrobe & hair styles. The girls appear to have shed their retro image for a sexy concept.

The predominant opinion among fans is that the pictures are connected to a music video for a new project album. Others are suggesting that the pictures show a photo shoot for a fashion magazine or the filming of a commercial.

A representative for the Wonder Girls’ management company, JYP, would only confirm, “It’s true that the Wonder Girls are filming a music video.” However, the representative shied away from revealing any information connected to a new project album or the release date should there be a project album in store.

[Source: Joynews 24]

[Translations: ppopki @ spectacle]