Now that’s the type of formula that would make good old Albert proud. Unfortunately my brilliant calculator brain that came up with this formula, stopped functioning once the Wonder Girls entered the studios. If you thought these girls were hot on screen, wait till you see them in person!

Leader Sun, Yenny, Mimi, Sohee and my personal fave Yubin, rocked the house with performances of Nobody, So Hot and Tell me. There’s a reason why these girls were awarded the title of “Group of the Year,” back home in the motherland.

As for 2PM, these boys were a class act, or rather a “10 out of 10.” Their charismatic presence on stage, along with their acrobatic moves, kept fan girls on their toes. Including my wife, who just wouldn’t stop talking about Taec Yeon, and even now as I write this entry…

Anyway, check out the photos of these two hit groups from the MTV Iggy studios on March 10th, 2009!

[source: MTV Iggy, Johnny Noh]