Wonder Girls just finished their Myspace page. We know this because Ningin just finished designing it for them. It’s not something we normally do, nor do we especially like doing Myspace layouts in general. But JYP asked and we just couldn’t say no. So if you have a Myspace account, go friend them!

Please don’t ask us to do your Myspace page for you. Like I said, this is not what we do on a normal basis.

Wonder Girls also have a Facebook group, a YouTube Channel, an iTunes page, and their CDs on Amazon.

Very soon, each member of the group will have t

heir own Twitter account (Sun Ye, Ye Eun, Sun Mi, Yubin, Sohee). Very web 2.0 right? They’re so busy, I hope they can keep up with all this stuff.

[source: ningin, sunmijjang.wordpress.com]

[tip off: n3ssa_chan]