The group Wonder Girls, who won the top award at the ‘18th Annual Seoul Music Awards’, accepted their prize as an award given to them by the citizens of Korea and promised to work harder in the future as they shed tears.
Hosted by Jang YoonJung, Park JungAh, and Shin YoungIl, the ‘18th Annual Seoul Music Awards’ took place on February 12 at 5 P.M. at KangWon Taebaekshi GoWon’s auditorium. Here, the Wonder Girls were selected as winners of the top award.
The Wonder Girls returned to Korea from the US for the awards ceremony. On this day, they were triple crown winners as they received the Top Award, an Honorary Award, and a Digital Music Award.

Following their win, Wonder Girls member SunYe stated, crying, “It was just our 2nd year anniversary. We’re so grateful for this huge honor. We’ll reach farther and try to do our very best. We’ll consider this an award from the Korean public who wants us to gather our strength and work hard. We’ll work harder.”

Other members SoHee, YeEun, YooBin, and Sun Mi were in tears as well as they stated, “Thank you for such a big honor. We’ll do our best to show you a better side of us

[translation: ppopki @ spectacle]