Wonder Girls Going On A World Tour

Almost two years into their debut, Wonder Girls’ popularity in Korea is increasing day by day. Even though they might not be as popular overseas, their name is quite familiar in several countries in Asia and the United States. That is because some of their music video and performance video clips have been released on YouTube and were watched by many viewers around the world.

Now Wonder Girls is about to take their popularity to the next level in the overseas music market by going on a world tour. The group is scheduled to start their very first world tour in late February. On Feb 28, they will head to Bangkok, Thailand, then to Los Angeles on March 5, Orange County in California on March 6, and New York on March 8.

Wonder Girls were originally scheduled to open their first concert in Korea on Feb 14 before starting their world tour. But the girls wanted to be fully prepared for their first-ever concert in the motherland so the concert has been pushed back to late March. After they finish their world tour and come back to Korea, they will hold a concert at the Olympic Fencing Stadium on March 28.

The girls do not have much experience in performing outside of Korea, but they have previously performed with other JYP singers and musicians at “The JYP Tour” held in the United States last February. Back then, they were more of a guest than a main performer, so they did not have to perform for the entire show.

But this time, they will perform all alone so they are reportedly preparing a lot and putting great efforts into the show.

Although the world tour venues were already fixed, there is a possibility that the tour will be expanded. Other countries such as Taiwan and China are requesting concerts in their country as well, so it is still unknown where else the concert will be held. A Wonder Girls’ representative said they are still revising several concert requests so the girls may visit some more countries.

Besides going on a world tour, there are rumors that Wonder Girls are expected to star in a drama that will be co-produced by Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon & Park Jin-young, the girl’s management company president. The drama is tentatively called ‘Dream High’ but other details are unknown yet.

[Credit: wonderholic.com + kimyoobin.wordpress.com]