The Wonder Girls-Approved Valentine’s Day Cakes?
By Hwang HyeJin @ Herald Economy (


Crown Bakery will be welcoming Valentine’s Day by introducing a collection of two sweet cake valentines.

The ‘Sweetheart’ ($16) is a mousse cake boasting a deep-red color made of chocolate biscuits and custard cream.

The ‘Pink Love White Cream Mini’ ($16) is a moist, white-cream cake with strawberry powder & fruits and heart-shaped chocolates on top. The design is so cute that it could capture the heart of your romantic interest, even if the mere thought of confessing leaves you shaking.

In addition to the cakes, there are a total of 14 other products being introduced for the 2009 Valentine’s Day concept, ‘Kiss Me, Love Me’. There have been a variety of products, ranging from $1.50 to $17, prepared in order to entice customers.

The ‘Kiss Me’ collection comprises 4 different sets of real ganache chocolates, priced $6, $9, $10, $16 respectively.

The ‘Love Me’ collection features real ganache chocolates as well. There are 3 different sets in gorgeous hot pink, silver, and gold coloring at $13, $11, and $7. A choco-ball gift is also being offered at the more reasonable $3-$4 range.

There will also be an event held in which 20 customers who have submitted entries on Crown Bakery’s blog before February 10 will receive chocolates and cards with a handwritten message from the Wonder Girls.

A representative from Crown Bakery’s marketing team revealed, “Customers have been demanding items that are both delicious and pretty as of late. They prefer items that meet 3 key selling points—price, health, and mind. We’re now offering rich, bittersweet chocolates and a choice of a variety of colors. We hope that we can help it a more special and memorable day for customers by adding greater variety to the selection they have to choose from.”

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