You’ve probably heard by now, JYP and his Wonder Girls will be doing a three city tour starting March 6th in Los Angeles, then Orange County on March 7th, and ending in New York on March 8th.

We know Ningin has a lot of Wonder Girls fans and quite a few JYP and 2PM fans as well. Ningin itself has been pretty good friends with JYP and the artists on his label. So it seems natural that we should do something special for this big event. Well, first I present to you our Wonder Girls blog, which will actually be updated by the Wonder Girls themselves! They’ll be posting various tidbits of information, photos, and other stuff as they prepare for their tour and while on tour as well.

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Second, JYP was kind enough to give us tons of photos, videos, interviews, performances, and other media for us to share with you. We’re also getting backstage access to all the concerts and we’re going to share with you as much as we can. And yes, there will be contests, lots of them, cuz that’s just “how we roll” (to quote a popular jpop singer’s father). The prizes will range from tickets, to autographed memorabilia, to…wait for it………………backstage access with the Wonder Girls!!!

Wonder Girls, JYP, and 2PM fans, I’m guessing you’re pretty excited right about now. Even if you’re not a fan any of these artists, you should know that backstage is the place to be in a concert!

We’re still fine-tuning the contest details but we’ve created a special site for all JYP Tour 2009 info:

This much I can tell you, one of the contests will be a Wonder Girls video dance-off where the Wonder Girls themselves will be the judges! Expect an announcement in a few days.

Also make sure to get your tickets in advance. Tickets can be purchased through

[Source: JYP Ningin]

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