Wonder Girls’ Personal YouTube Channel Bursts with Popularity,
50,000 Views Within First Day of Opening

The Wonder Girls have established their own channel on ‘YouTube’.

Through this medium, the Wonder Girls plan to make their music and name known to music fans all over the world. Their plans to consistently upload and share video clips of their activities with the public appear to be an early part of their strategy for launching into the world market.

The Wonder Girls’ personal channel opened on the 19th with the presentation of a promotional clip. The channel registered 50,000 views shortly thereafter and drew attention from people all over the world. In this particular video, the Wonder Girls displayed their excellent English skills, catching the eyes of netizens worldwide.

Meanwhile, the Wonder Girls plan to make this the first year of their international launch by holding concerts in March in Los Angeles and Orange County, as well as Manhattan in New York.

The Wonder Girls have been receiving a lot of interest since last year after they uploaded videos of their appearances on YouTube. Their music video was a hit with 1,000,000 views.

[Source: Newsen]
[Translation: ppopki@wgspectacle]

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