It has been revealed that Wonder Girls’ member SunYe’s vehicle suffered hit & run damage on January 7.

Fortunately, this happened while the vehicle was parked and there was no one inside SunYe’s vehicle at the time. However, the event resulted in the Wonder Girls being 40 minutes late to their scheduled fan-meeting.

In a phone conversation with AsiaE, a representative for the Wonder Girls’ management company, JYP, stated, “SunYe has her own car which she was using before she was supposed to come to our management offices. She’d left parked it somewhere briefly, but someone hit her car in that time and took off.”

“Initially, the members were supposed to meet at our offices and head to the fan-meeting site together. But it was difficult for SunYe to come all the way to the office, so the other members and staff who’d gathered went to pick up SunYe on the way to the fan-meeting.” The representative then apologized, stating, “It was the first fan-meeting of the new year and we’re sorry to the fans.”

The fan-meeting in question was sponsored by OnSe Telecom and held at the Seoul CheongDamDong Art Hole. Comedian Kim WanGi had to stall until the Wonder Girls finally arrived on location.

On another note, the Wonder Girls had plans for a solo concert in Seoul on the 14th of next month, but it has been delayed until March 28 in order to give the group more time to prepare their event to perfection.


translation: ppopki @ spectacle