The news about all the performance of MBC Gayo Daejun 2008, and a short interview with Wonder Girls

& Yoo Bin talked about Seung Ri… hahahaha!

Translation of bb + wg part:

narrator: Filled with stages you can’t see anywhere else, 2008 MBC GayoDaejejeun. We’ve collected the special stages of the night. First, Big Bang and Wonder Girls’ Couple Dance. Taeyang and Sunye, Seungri and Yoobin, etc. The stage where they were paired up in couples caught the attention of many fans.

interviewer: Out of all the Big Bang members, who do you think took in Wonder Girls’ songs the best? (Who matched it best?)

Yoobin: Seungri suited it very well.
interviewer: oh it goes to seungri?
Yoobin: yeah. the cute kind of person.

interviewer: Seungri, you were picked 1st place by the Wonder Girls. They said that you suited their song the best.
Seungri: I was happy that I could take the same stage with the Wonder Girls.

credit: rkxo @ soompi